About Dog Fashionista

Who said people are the only ones who can have a fashion and beauty blog? Dogs can too!

This blog isn’t just about dogs, it’s about those who live with style, glitz, and glamor. Go ahead, bookmark this blog, and join me in my quest to give my otherwise “uncultured” dogs a taste of the upper-class dog lifestyle!

Our Dog Model
Shantee the miniature Shih Tzu is the official dog model for Dog Fashionista. You’ll find her using the products or services in photos found in this site. Shantee isn’t the first Dog Fashionista though—she inherited the position from the late Sheero, a beautiful Japanese Spitz and Shih Tzu mix.

Sheero and Shantee

About the Site
Dog Fashionista is dog blog spin-off of Pinoy Dog-Lover, which is basically a “journal” of our 8 dogs and talks about dog-related stuff in general.

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