Animal Planet dog food: Nature’s Plan

Good dog food contributes a lot to having healthy and happy Shih Tzus! My pets are spoiled silly (obviously), and we try as much as possible to give them the best dog food there is. Though sometimes Shantee can be very picky (Kubrick will eat anything!), she just couldn’t say no to Nature’s Plan dog food! 😀

Thanks to (thanks again!!!), my doggies were able to happily try out a dog food endorsed by Animal Planet: Nature’s Plan. See the pic? Shantee just couldn’t wait to taste it!

This pack of Nature’s Plan lasted two weeks with Shantee and Kubrick — daily feeding, about 3 cups each. I didn’t notice much change in Kubrick, as he’s always been fat and healthy, but it’s different with Shantee.

For one, she didn’t get any allergies. As a Shih Tzu, my dogs are usually very sensitive with the kind of dog food they eat, that’s why we don’t feed them the cheap kind of dog food you find in grocery and hardware stores. Dog food that aren’t good for them (though not necessarily bad per se) can result to hair loss and rashes. Luckily, my pets reacted quite well to Nature’s Plan — no allergies, no hair loss, just healthy, happy doggies! 🙂

Nature’s Plan is especially formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Maybe that’s the reason why Shantee and Kubrick didn’t get allergies. The brand prides itself for having no corn, no wheat and no by-products — dog food ingredients that can usually cause allergic reaction.

As a nursing mother, Shantee has been needing vitamin supplements lately. We give her pet vitamins daily to boost her up, but since giving her Nature’s Plan dog food, she fattened up considerably. Maybe it’s because she liked the taste, or maybe it’s because of the dog food’s complete vitamins and minerals… Either way, it helped her a lot! 😀

Shantee and Kubrick’s stool during the two weeks of having Nature’s Plan weren’t so bad either. Stool wasn’t totally scentless (what stool is anyway hehe), but it looked healthy — not too soft, nor too hard… Stool consistency seemed just right (I didn’t touch it, eww), as Shantee and Kubrick seemed to have an easier time relieving themselves while on Nature’s Plan 😀

I’m actually seriously considering switching my pets to Nature’s Plan after this short trial. Their current dog food is quite expensive. It’s definitely good for my pets, but if you’re feeding two adult dogs, buying three packs of dog food monthly becomes very painful to the wallet. Nature’s Plan seems to be a good and a bit cheaper alternative (as one pack lasts them for two weeks already), and it’s still all-natural and packed with nutrients. Besides, Nature’s Plan is also endorsed by Animal Planet, our all-time favorite television channel! 😀

To learn more about Nature’s Plan, visit their official website.

Want to win a 9kg of Animal Planet Nature’s Plan dog food? Head over at and check out the My Pet. My Planet. Photo Story Contest! HURRY! Deadline is on April 5, 2010. Goodluck! 😀

Posted on Tuesday, 30 March 2010 at 7:13 am
Filed: Gourmet for Canines

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