Are you ready for the Bow & Wow Benefit Dinner for CARA?

Well, are you? The Bow & Wow Benefit Dinner for CARA Welfare Philippines is just about 9 days away!

We’re pretty sure many pet parents attending the dinner with their dogs are more than eager to dress them up. After all, it’s a dinner, right? It’s like the Junior-Senior prom for doggies! But while you’re readying what Fido will wear, have you thought about what you should really be preparing for as a responsible pet parent?

Bow & Wow has released a few guidelines for pet parents attending with their dogs. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so!

  • Please come early and register immediately upon arrival. Ensure that you present your ticket upon registration.
  • In accordance with the Anti-Rabies Act, all pets must have the required and necessary vaccinations including anti-rabies shots. Please bring your pet’s updated vaccination records as this will be checked upon registration. Pets with no updated vaccination records may be denied entrance to the event.
  • For the safety of the Pet Parents and their pets, dogs must be leashed all the times. The leash should not exceed 5 feet. Small dogs may be placed in a carrier or stroller.
  • Ideally, pets must be housebroken and it is best that they have been relieved prior to the event. In case of an “accident”, pet parents are responsible for picking up and cleaning after their pets.
  • Pets must be well socialized and friendly to both humans and other pets. Do not allow your pet to run or jump on other people or pets. Aggressive dogs will not be allowed inside the event.
  • Pets must be of good health and not exhibiting any symptoms of illness or disease.
  • Dogs in heat or near heat must NOT be brought to the event.
  • Pet parents are fully responsible for the behavior of their pets and will be held liable for any injuries and damages caused by their pets during the event.

Whenever we go out with our dogs, we always carry a small, separate bag containing all our pets’ “stuff.” Aside from their vaccination records, we also bring old rags, used plastic bags, and a few newspapers. Shantee’s a bit picky with the water she drinks, so we also need to bring along a portable water bottle. Kubrick doesn’t usually like peeing or pooping wherever, but Shantee has a tendency to pee or poo when she doesn’t get her way or become overshadowed by Kubrick in the spotlight (she can be a real brat sometimes!). Since she’s our dog, we always need to clean up after her whenever she throws a pee or poo tantrum.

Unfortunately, not all pet parents clean up after their dogs. My husband Marc and I once saw a girl with her dressed up dog in Tiendesitas who just let her pet poo and left as if nothing happened. Too bad we were too far away and in the car, or I probably wouldn’t have been able to resist asking her to clean up after her pet. Leaving your pet’s poo like that is very inconsiderate to others, and very irresponsible too.

For the Bow & Wow Benefit Dinner, let’s hope everyone will follow the guidelines! It’s not just about “following the rules,” but also about being considerate enough of everyone else and letting them fully enjoy the event.

So, have you gotten your ticket yet? If you haven’t, better hurry! Limited seating only! For more details, visit the Bow & Wow branch near you. There’s one in Greenbelt, and another in Shangri-la Mall.

Posted on Thursday, 21 June 2012 at 6:52 pm
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