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Spring time doggie dress

Summer is almost here! If we had four seasons in the Philippines, it’ll probably be around spring time now. Of course, Shantee the Dog Fashionista is into it too 🙂

I actually made this spring time doggie dress for Shantee a few years back. She wore it for a short television segment on GMA7’s Zooperstars with child actress Sabrina Man (not sure if the show is still running now though). But hey, it’s spring time! Since I haven’t posted this dress on Dog Fashionista anyway, I thought this would be the best time to bring it out once again… Read more

The Golden Pillow

Shantee must have eaten too much on New Year’s Eve—the next day she accidentally threw up on her dog pillow. But the thing is, I haven’t really created a “back-up” pillow case for her in case of accidents. She had always made it a point not to soil her pillow (I guess she didn’t want to sleep on a stinky pillow), but I guess she wasn’t able to control her New Year’s Day accident 😛 Shantee can’t sleep well without a pillow, so I made her a new one… A golden pillow!

Gold dog pillow

This is probably the easiest dog stuff I ever made for Shantee 🙂 Read more

Cutesy girly dress for a cutesy girly dog

When the family brought Shantee shopping in Tiendesitas two weeks ago, I was feeling a bit disheartened that I won’t be able to buy Shantee as many dog clothes as I wanted—each piece was just expensive. The Disco Dog shirt I got didn’t really come cheap, you know.

But look here, Shantee has a new purple girly dog dress!

cute purple dog dress

Would you believe I made that? Really, I did. I honestly couldn’t believe I could come up with a dog dress like that myself. But yes, this dog dress was made by hand and with love! (Unfortunately, my mom’s sewing machine needed to undergo major repairs) 😛 Read more

Swarovski dog necklace

About time I blogged this. Shantee’s going to be outgrowing her Swarovski dog necklace, but I kept forgetting to post an entry about it till now. Anyhoo, take a look of the necklace I’m talking about:

Swarovski dog necklace with heart pendant or charm

Shantee’s actually wearing this on her picture on this post, it’s just not noticeable from that angle. And yep, the dog necklace is made of Swarovski crystals—a dog necklace which used to be my bracelet 😛 Read more

In memory of Sheero

Sheero had been the inspiration for this blog. She had been, after all, the “fashionista” in our dog pack. All of our other dogs didn’t like wearing dog clothes or blings—all of them except for Sheero.

Marc, my husband, and I are still deciding on the perfect gravestone for Sheero, so for now, a hand-made one will do. Besides, my family has plans of moving—it might not be a good idea to have a gravestone made and delivered at the moment just in case we had to transfer already. This is what I came up with:

Blings on a grave marker

I found the ceramic plate in our garden, and I painted it with Sheero’s name and stuff. Albeit temporary, I still wanted it to be at least a bit glitzy, so I added a few faux diamond studs on the cross. Being the fashionista that she is, I’m pretty sure Sheero liked it 🙂

The search for the best dog house

Marc (my husband) and I have finally decided to start the renovation of our little house. We’re still in the planning stage though, and we’re yet to get rid of the unnecessary stuff littered all over the place. Another main thing on our agenda: find (or make) the perfect dog house for Sheero.

The dog house I have in mind is not the ordinary type that you can dump in your garden. Sheero is an “inside the house” dog, and I really don’t want to let her sleep outside (she looks like a dirty rag when kept outside the house too long). But Marc didn’t want her dog house clashing with our planned Modern Mexican decor motif. So our best choice: get a customized dog house.

I searched Google for “custom dog house” in order to have an idea of how much it would cost. Well, let’s just say… Forget it. Haha. The cost of luxury dog houses is more than triple the cost of our planned house renovation. We’ll just make the dog house by ourselves. Read more

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