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Floatation jacket for dogs

Oh wow. It’s been a long time since I last blogged here at Dog Fashionista! Sorry about that. I’ve been quite busy with work and a few other things (besides the fact that my husband and I recently launched each of our own travel blogs. Anyhow, I might be redesigning this site’s layout soon—I’ll keep cotton candy pink and yellow, but I’ll change it in such a way that will make more room for bigger photos! 🙂

Shantee eagerly trying out her floatation jacket

Anyway, one of my latest purchases is a Flotation Jacket for Shantee. She was so excited trying it on, knowing fully well that “dressing up” means “going out.” But not this time! Read more

Plaid dog collar with a small bell

A few days ago, Marc and I decided we needed a break from work (yup, work is the one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging as regularly as before) and spent the afternoon with Shantee at Tiendesitas. Shantee behaved well (although she did get a bit iffy going down the steps), so she bought her a prize: her first-ever dog collar! 🙂

Brown and red plaid dog collar with bell

Shantee still wears her dog necklaces (the customized shell dog necklace I bought her from Boracay is her favorite), but since she’s becoming such a big (little) girl already (she’s five months old now!), it’s time she got her own dog collar. I dunno, I guess I just feel it’s an insult to her “dog-ness” to not ever get her a collar. Read more

The Golden Pillow

Shantee must have eaten too much on New Year’s Eve—the next day she accidentally threw up on her dog pillow. But the thing is, I haven’t really created a “back-up” pillow case for her in case of accidents. She had always made it a point not to soil her pillow (I guess she didn’t want to sleep on a stinky pillow), but I guess she wasn’t able to control her New Year’s Day accident 😛 Shantee can’t sleep well without a pillow, so I made her a new one… A golden pillow!

Gold dog pillow

This is probably the easiest dog stuff I ever made for Shantee 🙂 Read more

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

A day before my talk on problogging at the Ateneo for a group of students, Marc and I decided to buy Shantee her first ever harness and leash. She’d be coming with me at my talk (the adorable dog would be part of my talk), so we thought it’s best she was on a leash since it would make it easier to take care of her.

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

We chose a brown plaid style harness for Shantee—the brown just looks great on her white and mahogany coat—which cost around Php245 (approximately US$5.83) from Tin’s Pet Place in White Plains, Quezon City. The nylon leash cost about Php75 (approximately US$1.79) from the same shop. I don’t have their exact address, but I do know the store’s right beside the White Plains Gate 2 along Katipunan Avenue. Their sign’s pretty big, so it’s kind of hard to miss 🙂 Read more

Shopping at Tiendesitas

In order for me to agree to him buying a DLSR, Marc agreed to let me buy Shantee some fancy clothes. So after bribing my mom a free dinner for the family at Tiendesitas, we were off!

Pet Village at Tiendesitas

Tiendesitas is located at Ortigas Avenue, corner E-Rodriguez Avenue (C5). It’s a great place to go to with the entire family—you can shop, dine, and simply relax. It’s actually famous for its Pinoy arts and crafts, but for us dog-lovers, it’s a haven for pet stuff.

There were actually some rumors going around about a year ago that The Pet Village had a dog virus going around. Unless it never was true, the management seemed to have done something about it already since we didn’t see any sick dogs around. The pets for sale seem to be healthy, they could be healthier (as in, Shantee-healthy! Hehe) but they seem ok.

As I said, The Pet Village in Tiendesitas is a haven for pet-lovers. There are a lot of shops with cute dog clothes and things, and some even offer grooming and boarding! Pretty cool eh?

I bought Shantee a dog shirt, which you ought to watch out for in my next post! It’s just so cute 🙂

The search for the best dog house

Marc (my husband) and I have finally decided to start the renovation of our little house. We’re still in the planning stage though, and we’re yet to get rid of the unnecessary stuff littered all over the place. Another main thing on our agenda: find (or make) the perfect dog house for Sheero.

The dog house I have in mind is not the ordinary type that you can dump in your garden. Sheero is an “inside the house” dog, and I really don’t want to let her sleep outside (she looks like a dirty rag when kept outside the house too long). But Marc didn’t want her dog house clashing with our planned Modern Mexican decor motif. So our best choice: get a customized dog house.

I searched Google for “custom dog house” in order to have an idea of how much it would cost. Well, let’s just say… Forget it. Haha. The cost of luxury dog houses is more than triple the cost of our planned house renovation. We’ll just make the dog house by ourselves. Read more

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