Dog Houses

The search for the best dog house

Marc (my husband) and I have finally decided to start the renovation of our little house. We’re still in the planning stage though, and we’re yet to get rid of the unnecessary stuff littered all over the place. Another main thing on our agenda: find (or make) the perfect dog house for Sheero.

The dog house I have in mind is not the ordinary type that you can dump in your garden. Sheero is an “inside the house” dog, and I really don’t want to let her sleep outside (she looks like a dirty rag when kept outside the house too long). But Marc didn’t want her dog house clashing with our planned Modern Mexican decor motif. So our best choice: get a customized dog house.

I searched Google for “custom dog house” in order to have an idea of how much it would cost. Well, let’s just say… Forget it. Haha. The cost of luxury dog houses is more than triple the cost of our planned house renovation. We’ll just make the dog house by ourselves. Read more

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