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Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo by Human Nature

I’ve always been partial to natural and organic products even before my husband Marc and I started growing our own herbs, fruits and vegetables. For me, this type of products seems much safer to use, and less damaging to the environment. It’s a good thing that a lot of them are already being sold at nearby grocery stores — shampoo, soap, etc. But that’s not the case with natural pet products — not many pet stores or supermarkets carry natural/organic brands. So you can just imagine my glee when I found out that Human Nature was releasing an all-natural shampoo for pets this summer. 🙂

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat by Human Nature

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat is the first-ever product in a collaboration between Bond Girl Rachel Grant and Human Nature. It comes in 500ml bottles, and is 96.4% Natural. I don’t know where the other 3.6% went, but being 96.4% natural is enough for me! Read more

Stylish but practical pet identification tags from Will Wag for Tags

Having stray dogs hang out at our doorstep waiting to be adopted isn’t a new thing for us. Back in our home in Quezon City, we’ve adopted more than three dogs off the streets — strays who seemed like they were abused by their previous owners. So we were unfazed when, a couple of months ago, a cute and short German Shepherd mix stayed by our gate asking to be let in.

Unlike our home in Quezon City, where our house was situated outside the village and on a main road, our new subdivision is a gated community. Whoever owned the dog probably just lived within a block or two, so we really couldn’t take him in. Besides, he had a collar (he obviously had a family who cared enough about him to gift him with a collar), but no tag or any form of identification. Luckily, we chanced upon his owners roaming the streets looking for him.

We fortunately haven’t lost any of our dogs yet. Not even the turtle. We always make sure that the gate remains closed for fear they might wander about, but the thought that somebody in the household might forget gives me the compulsion to check on my pets ever so often. They didn’t have any form of identification — if they’re lost, they’re lost. They’re too cute and friendly, and I won’t be surprised that whoever finds them might not want to look for us. Luckily, Shantee, Kubrick and Pixel were given a chance to try out Will Wag for Tags‘ custom pet name and info tags for this blog. 🙂 Read more

Doggie Sudz Mango and Neem All-Natural Shampoo for Pampering Pooch

Just recently, things at work have picked up considerably, so my husband Marc and I had to hire a household help, Nelia. Nelia worked with Marc’s great-aunt, but when his great-aunt passed away, we thought it best to just hire Nelia since we were in need of somebody helping us take care of the house and the pets because of our increasingly busy work schedule. Just in time, Bow & Wow sent us an organic shampoo for the dogs to try: a 16 fl. oz. bottle of Doggie Sudz Mango and Neem All-Natural Shampoo for Pampering Pooch.

Of course, the Dog Fashionista Shantee needs to be the first dog to try it! Read more

The long wait for bath time at Pet Express SM Cubao

Shantee was my canine companion at the Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore mall tour event at Ali Mall last Saturday. She’s the most behaved in our Shih Tzu brood, sitting still for long periods of time letting people admire her and comment how adorable she is. My little fashionista is a real diva, but it’s her diva-ness that makes her a great doggy companion during pet events.

The Dog Fashionista was starting to stink, so I figured it was time to make use of the Pet Express Php100 off Bath and Blow Dry gift certificate we got during the TailRunners pet and human fun run last summer. The event was starting a bit later than the scheduled 1pm, but we were already in Cubao by 11:30am so there was still time to have Shantee showered. Read more

Kubrick’s day of pampering at Pooch Park Doggie Day Care Metro East

Shantee the Dog Fashionista is still a nursing doggy mom (yay, her pups are now a month old!), so it’s her “boyfriend” Kubrick who’s taking up the role of “dog model” and “service tester” for the time being. He isn’t too happy about it (he’s not vain and hungry-for-humans’-attention like Shantee), but I think he eventually enjoyed it. Because this time, he got to try out Pooch Park’s full grooming services thanks to!

That’s Kubrick in his summer cutie crew cut with the Pooch Park groomer. We were gone for five days on a trip to El Nido a few weeks back, and unfortunately, Kubrick wasn’t able to have his daily brushing as regularly as usual. And since he doesn’t really care about whatever he walks on, Kubrick’s fur on some parts of his body had become tangled and matted. I was given the option to just have the areas that are too matted to be shaved while the rest remained intact, but I imagined he’d look like an elongated earth globe with a head, feet and tails, so I just opted to let them go all out! Besides, it’s summer already and the heat makes Kubrick very uncomfortable. With his adorable new bob, he’s comfy… and he smells soooo good too! 😀 Read more

Woof Pet Premium: All-natural dog shampoo

It was only a few weeks ago when Shantee (and her one-year-old “boyfriend” Kubrick) ran out of dog shampoo. We usually use the commercial Alpo dog shampoo on our dogs since it’s readily available in grocery stores, but for the life of me I just kept forgetting to buy some. Luckily, my dogs were given the opportunity to this out:

Woof Pet Premium

Woof Pet Premium Condition VCO Dog Shampoo is an all-natural dog shampoo, consisting of virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, aloe vera extract, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Read more

Cool doggy sunglasses!

Oh wow, I finally got to blog again. It’s been more than a month since my last post. I guess my husband and I were just a bit too busy with work that we didn’t really have time to buy new stuff for our little Fashionista.

But, the internet makes shopping convenient for everyone (thank goodness for Paypal)… We were able to buy Shantee a pair of sunglasses online! Read more

Bam’s Pu$$ies and Bitches Petshop and Grooming Salon :P

Marc and I saw this uniquely-named grooming salon at Metrowalk in Ortigas after parking our car. We wanted to try out different groomers for Shantee… So far, Georgette’s Closet is our favorite.

But after having Shantee groomed at Bam’s Pu$$ies and Bitches Pet Shop and Grooming Salon, I think we found a close second 🙂 Read more

Rubber bands for a simple doggy hairstyle

As I have said before, Shih Tzus are high-maintenance dogs. So we were faced with another problem: keeping Shantee’s hair away from her eyes.

Ribbons and dog hair clips are nice, but the thing is, they can easily fall off as the dog romps around. I usually keep the pretty ribbons groomers put on Shantee after they fall off, and just put them on her whenever we’re going out on trips to pet-friendly malls and restaurants (or even parties). But for every day use, I knew I had to find an alternative to these fancy dog hair accessories. Read more

Crazy Dog Wild Cherry scented grooming spray for dogs

Long-haired breeds like Shih Tzus are quite high-maintenance. They need regular baths and grooming, specially when you keep their hair long. If you don’t, their fur could get tangled up and gather dirt. And when that happens, tangles could also be very uncomfortable for the dog aside from looking dirty and ugly.

Crazy Dog Wild Cherry dog grooming spray

Shantee is a lap dog (she’s a tiny Shih Tzu, not a standard-sized one), which means, she gets to be on people’s laps often. She doesn’t only have to be clean, but she needs to smell good as well. Read more

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