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Crazy Dog Wild Cherry scented grooming spray for dogs

Long-haired breeds like Shih Tzus are quite high-maintenance. They need regular baths and grooming, specially when you keep their hair long. If you don’t, their fur could get tangled up and gather dirt. And when that happens, tangles could also be very uncomfortable for the dog aside from looking dirty and ugly.

Crazy Dog Wild Cherry dog grooming spray

Shantee is a lap dog (she’s a tiny Shih Tzu, not a standard-sized one), which means, she gets to be on people’s laps often. She doesn’t only have to be clean, but she needs to smell good as well. Read more

Summer fruity dog scent

Shantee begins to smell bad after romping around the house. It’s not so bad as the usual dog smell—there’s still that bit of “puppy smell” on her. But still. So we got her this sweet smelling dog cologne:

Summer fruity dog scent cologne

What we bought was the yellow one on the picture. It’s actually a local brand: Top Dog. I’d like to get the light blue one on the left-most corner (the tallest bottle), but it’s just too expensive. Crazy Dog cologne doesn’t seem to be a local brand, but it smells really good—like cherry candy. Read more

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Glamour? Fashion? Spas? Who said that dogs can't have them too? Definitely not us! :) Read more

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