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The long wait for bath time at Pet Express SM Cubao

Shantee was my canine companion at the Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore mall tour event at Ali Mall last Saturday. She’s the most behaved in our Shih Tzu brood, sitting still for long periods of time letting people admire her and comment how adorable she is. My little fashionista is a real diva, but it’s her diva-ness that makes her a great doggy companion during pet events.

The Dog Fashionista was starting to stink, so I figured it was time to make use of the Pet Express Php100 off Bath and Blow Dry gift certificate we got during the TailRunners pet and human fun run last summer. The event was starting a bit later than the scheduled 1pm, but we were already in Cubao by 11:30am so there was still time to have Shantee showered. Read more

Kubrick’s day of pampering at Pooch Park Doggie Day Care Metro East

Shantee the Dog Fashionista is still a nursing doggy mom (yay, her pups are now a month old!), so it’s her “boyfriend” Kubrick who’s taking up the role of “dog model” and “service tester” for the time being. He isn’t too happy about it (he’s not vain and hungry-for-humans’-attention like Shantee), but I think he eventually enjoyed it. Because this time, he got to try out Pooch Park’s full grooming services thanks to!

That’s Kubrick in his summer cutie crew cut with the Pooch Park groomer. We were gone for five days on a trip to El Nido a few weeks back, and unfortunately, Kubrick wasn’t able to have his daily brushing as regularly as usual. And since he doesn’t really care about whatever he walks on, Kubrick’s fur on some parts of his body had become tangled and matted. I was given the option to just have the areas that are too matted to be shaved while the rest remained intact, but I imagined he’d look like an elongated earth globe with a head, feet and tails, so I just opted to let them go all out! Besides, it’s summer already and the heat makes Kubrick very uncomfortable. With his adorable new bob, he’s comfy… and he smells soooo good too! 😀 Read more

Woof Pet Premium: All-natural dog shampoo

It was only a few weeks ago when Shantee (and her one-year-old “boyfriend” Kubrick) ran out of dog shampoo. We usually use the commercial Alpo dog shampoo on our dogs since it’s readily available in grocery stores, but for the life of me I just kept forgetting to buy some. Luckily, my dogs were given the opportunity to this out:

Woof Pet Premium

Woof Pet Premium Condition VCO Dog Shampoo is an all-natural dog shampoo, consisting of virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, aloe vera extract, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Read more

Bam’s Pu$$ies and Bitches Petshop and Grooming Salon :P

Marc and I saw this uniquely-named grooming salon at Metrowalk in Ortigas after parking our car. We wanted to try out different groomers for Shantee… So far, Georgette’s Closet is our favorite.

But after having Shantee groomed at Bam’s Pu$$ies and Bitches Pet Shop and Grooming Salon, I think we found a close second 🙂 Read more

Great grooming at Georgette’s Closet

The past few days have been quite tiring (we’ve been moving!), so I thought of giving Shantee a treat: a full grooming session at Georgette’s Closet along Katipunan Avenue in White Plains, Quezon City. Besides, Shantee was starting to stink and become full of dust anyway (she’d been accompanying Marc and me transfer stuff to our new home, which is still under renovation). I’d give her a bath myself, but I’ve already packed and transferred Shantee’s stuff to the new house already.

Shantee groomed by Georgette’s Closet

That’s Shantee after a full grooming session at Georgette’s Closet. Ain’t she pretty? 🙂 Read more

Dog bath at a doggy salon

Shantee had been starting to stink lately—her bath was long overdue. Marc and I just couldn’t agree on who will give her a bath. Luckily, Shantee was already due to have her shots so we didn’t really have a choice but to give her one.

The staff of Posh Pets Grooming Salon (I think it’s the partner grooming salon of P&B Horseshoe Pet Clinic) along Katipunan Avenue were the ones who gave Shantee her long-overdue bath. They were nice enough to let me in their grooming area to take photos, so I was pretty much able to chronicle every step of Shantee’s bath. Take a look! Read more

Shopping at Tiendesitas

In order for me to agree to him buying a DLSR, Marc agreed to let me buy Shantee some fancy clothes. So after bribing my mom a free dinner for the family at Tiendesitas, we were off!

Pet Village at Tiendesitas

Tiendesitas is located at Ortigas Avenue, corner E-Rodriguez Avenue (C5). It’s a great place to go to with the entire family—you can shop, dine, and simply relax. It’s actually famous for its Pinoy arts and crafts, but for us dog-lovers, it’s a haven for pet stuff.

There were actually some rumors going around about a year ago that The Pet Village had a dog virus going around. Unless it never was true, the management seemed to have done something about it already since we didn’t see any sick dogs around. The pets for sale seem to be healthy, they could be healthier (as in, Shantee-healthy! Hehe) but they seem ok.

As I said, The Pet Village in Tiendesitas is a haven for pet-lovers. There are a lot of shops with cute dog clothes and things, and some even offer grooming and boarding! Pretty cool eh?

I bought Shantee a dog shirt, which you ought to watch out for in my next post! It’s just so cute 🙂

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