Pet-friendly Shopping

Shopping and dining with pets at Eastwood City

Last Friday, Marc and I had our “weekend date” a bit earlier (we usually have it on a Saturday). It’s normally just the two of us. But this time, we brought Shantee along to Eastwood City Walk in Libis, Quezon City for dinner, dessert, and window shopping.

Eastwood City Walk at night

Eastwood City is probably the first pet-friendly shopping and dining places in Manila—it came even before Tiendesitas and Serendra. In daytime, you’d see a lot of dog owners walking and showing off their pets (this is actually where I saw that spoiled Pomeranian in a dog stroller being pushed by his own nanny). We weren’t planning to bring Shantee along (it was our date night after all), but we just couldn’t resist her cute begging. Read along and follow Shantee’s adventure in Eastwood City! Read more

Pet-friendly shopping at Serendra

Yesterday morning, Shantee once again fulfilled her role as a Dog Fashionista—frolicking with them saucy people at Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Dog in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

Serendra isn’t like Tiendesitas, where there are lots of pet-related stores. It’s mostly composed of expensive restaurants and equally expensive boutiques. But there’s this park right smack in the middle of it—the boutiques and restaurants surround the park—which is just perfect for hanging out with your well-behaved pet. Shantee isn’t exactly what you’d call “well-behaved,” but she’s so small that it really wouldn’t matter 😛 Well, she did try to make friends with Serendra’s bomb-sniffer black Labrador—but she was totally ignored. I guess the disciplined bomb-sniffer thought she was a waste of time 😀 Read more

Shopping at Tiendesitas

In order for me to agree to him buying a DLSR, Marc agreed to let me buy Shantee some fancy clothes. So after bribing my mom a free dinner for the family at Tiendesitas, we were off!

Pet Village at Tiendesitas

Tiendesitas is located at Ortigas Avenue, corner E-Rodriguez Avenue (C5). It’s a great place to go to with the entire family—you can shop, dine, and simply relax. It’s actually famous for its Pinoy arts and crafts, but for us dog-lovers, it’s a haven for pet stuff.

There were actually some rumors going around about a year ago that The Pet Village had a dog virus going around. Unless it never was true, the management seemed to have done something about it already since we didn’t see any sick dogs around. The pets for sale seem to be healthy, they could be healthier (as in, Shantee-healthy! Hehe) but they seem ok.

As I said, The Pet Village in Tiendesitas is a haven for pet-lovers. There are a lot of shops with cute dog clothes and things, and some even offer grooming and boarding! Pretty cool eh?

I bought Shantee a dog shirt, which you ought to watch out for in my next post! It’s just so cute 🙂

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