Cool doggy sunglasses!

Oh wow, I finally got to blog again. It’s been more than a month since my last post. I guess my husband and I were just a bit too busy with work that we didn’t really have time to buy new stuff for our little Fashionista.

But, the internet makes shopping convenient for everyone (thank goodness for Paypal)… We were able to buy Shantee a pair of sunglasses online!

The ad I saw on the Dogster newsletter was actually on Doggles—doggy goggles—but I found the dog sunglasses much cuter. Besides, the K9 Optix Sunglasses for Dogs that we bought had matching sunglasses for humans 🙂

Now Shantee and I could walk around the village both feeling cool! We actually already did, and our sunglasses really caught the attention of the neighbors we met allow the way. Other owners walking their dogs could not help but ask us where we got them.

Our matching sunglasses are shatter-proof and UV-protected. Perfect for the tropical weather here in the Philippines, where the sun could get really hot and blinding.

I was actually a bit skeptical ordering at first. The shipping cost of a product from the US to the Philippines is sometimes even more than the actual product itself. So to be sure, I emailed Doggles LLC and inquired how much it would cost to have the K9 Optix sunglasses delivered here in the Philippines.

It was a great customer service experience. Doggles LLC are genuinely concerned about their customers, even those who are just inquiring. They referred me to their Australian distributor so the cost of shipping won’t be too high, and Jill of ModPet Australia was ever so helpful. She patiently answered my questions and helped me choose the perfect size for Shantee. She even waived the shipping costs since my being in the Philippines doesn’t require me to pay Australian taxes.

The sunglasses fit Shantee perfectly. We’re training her to feel comfortable wearing it, associating the sunglasses to walks and treats, and she’s slowly beginning to get used to the sunglasses day by day. Good thing too, because my fur-baby will be a dog model for a planned photo shoot at a local park! And of course, she’d be showing off her sunglasses 😀

Posted on Thursday, 24 July 2008 at 5:32 am
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