Costume fun at PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs 2011!

Last Sunday, 23 October 2011, PAWS held its 8th Scaredy Cats and Dogs pets and kids costume contest. This happens every year, but it’s only now my sister and I decided to actively take part in it. The Php250 registration fee went to PAWS, and that really makes it worth the effort 🙂

Shantee came as Rainbow Brite since we knew she wouldn’t want to wear something as weird as Kubrick’s Steamed Shrimp costume. The weirdness (and apparently the uniqueness) of Kubrick’s costume won him the Crypt Keeper’s Choice (Most Original Costume) award, and Shantee went home sourgraping 😛

But you see, it’s not like we’d be able to make Shantee behave while wearing something like what Kubrick wore:

I’m not sure if Kubrick was happy about his costume at first. I mean, he was dressed as a shrimp. Though he was still a bit shy (and had stage fright), he really enjoyed the attention people gave him when they come near him and comment what a cute shrimp he made 😛

Shantee hated the attention Kubrick was getting. My sister was her handler, and she had an awfully difficult time keeping Shantee under control when she threw a tantrum after Kubrick and I left to receive his award. She wanted to go up the stage too! After all, she IS The Dog Fashionista, right? 😀

My sister and I made the costumes of Shantee and Kubrick. Kubrick’s shrimp costume was a combination of orange cloth, stuffing, and textile paint, while Shantee’s Rainbow Brite was made up of complex stuffed parts in different colors sewn together. She might not have won any awards, but I think this Rainbow Brite costume is something she might be able to wear again when we go out. It’s not as flashy as Kubrick’s shrimp, but it’s still adorable enough to be worn while just strolling in Eastwood or Bonifacio High Street.

Here’s how the back of Shantee’s dress looks like:

My husband Marc took a lot of pictures that day! If you want to see more of the furry attendees in awesome costumes, check out our photo album: PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs 2011 Photo Album

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