Dog bath at a doggy salon

Shantee had been starting to stink lately—her bath was long overdue. Marc and I just couldn’t agree on who will give her a bath. Luckily, Shantee was already due to have her shots so we didn’t really have a choice but to give her one.

The staff of Posh Pets Grooming Salon (I think it’s the partner grooming salon of P&B Horseshoe Pet Clinic) along Katipunan Avenue were the ones who gave Shantee her long-overdue bath. They were nice enough to let me in their grooming area to take photos, so I was pretty much able to chronicle every step of Shantee’s bath. Take a look!

Big-eyed dog taking a bath
I never knew Shantee had such BIG eyes till I saw her all wet like that 😀

Dog getting dried

Dog and a hair dryer
Doesn’t she look like a cat? 😛

Dog getting groomed
Shantee’s starting to look like a dog again 😀

Dog still getting groomed
Almost done…

Shantee the Shih Tzu
All done! Pretty Shantee now smells good 🙂

Shantee’s grooming session cost us around Php300 (about US$7). Cheaper than Georgette’s Closet, I must say. I’m no expert in determining what makes a good dog groomer—it’s all about cost and convenience for me. I haven’t chosen which groomer we’ll have Shantee groomed regularly, so at the moment it’ll probably be dependent on which one is nearer. Georgette’s Closet is just a walking distance away from our home, but Posh Pets is right beside Shantee’s vet clinic. I’ll probably just have her groomed at Posh Pets when we’re visiting the vet since we still need a car to get there. Anyway, in case you’d like to check out Posh Pets Grooming Salon (they have some pretty affordable dog food and grooming things like dog cologne there), here’s their info:

Posh Pets Grooming Salon
#341 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Phone: 396-2092

Posted on Monday, 3 December 2007 at 11:33 pm
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