Dog wedding gown

Last Thursday, Shantee “got married” to Peter, our old hamster, for the Sunday television episode of Rated K on ABS-CBN. Shantee and Peter’s unique friendship was one of their main stories, and my pets took part in the pet blessing ceremony they had for their Valentines’ Day special.

Dog wedding gown

Of course, I made Shantee a gown. I couldn’t let her “walk down the aisle” an under-dressed bride!

The gown I made Shantee was made of scrap white satin and lace my mom had lying around. I added some bead and organza trimmings I bought from Carolina’s at SM Megamall just a few days back. I initially intended those trimmings for a different dog dress of Shantee’s, but it seemed more appropriate for this one—it made the dog wedding gown the accent it needed. Offhand, I can say that this is probably the most complicated dog dress I ever made for Shantee, even more complicated than her Christmas dog dress, or polka-dot New Year dog dress. But that’s still not the best thing about it…

Shantee and mommy, same wedding gowns!

I made it look like my own wedding gown! 🙂

I didn’t have time to design a really complicated one (my sister Joyce and I decided we’d dress Shantee up for the “wedding” just three days before the event), so I just settled for something similar to my own—something that looks very intricate, but really isn’t. Besides, isn’t it cute that we had the same gown?

Here’s the little bridezilla throwing a tantrum just before she got “married.”

Dog “Bridezilla”

She got really pissed when I left her on that chair to admire and take pictures of Gov. Chavit Singson’s mini horses. Shantee’s very jealous, you know 😀

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