Floatation jacket for dogs

Oh wow. It’s been a long time since I last blogged here at Dog Fashionista! Sorry about that. I’ve been quite busy with work and a few other things (besides the fact that my husband and I recently launched each of our own travel blogs. Anyhow, I might be redesigning this site’s layout soon—I’ll keep cotton candy pink and yellow, but I’ll change it in such a way that will make more room for bigger photos! 🙂

Shantee eagerly trying out her floatation jacket

Anyway, one of my latest purchases is a Flotation Jacket for Shantee. She was so excited trying it on, knowing fully well that “dressing up” means “going out.” But not this time!

Because this time the Flotation Jacket will be reserved for out-of-town trips, specifically swimming! 😀 My husband and I are currently training Shantee for air travel (hopefully, she’ll be ready to ride a plane so we can visit tropical islands in the Philippines not easily reached by car with our fur-baby).

Shantee proudly wearing the dog floatation jacket

The flotation jacket comes in with a detachable flap from the dog’s neck (not in photo), which is very handy in keeping the dog’s head pointed upwards. Pretty important in Shantee’s case, she’s of a flat-nosed breed (she’s a Shih Tzu). She needs to keep her head afloat because water can easily get into her short snout.

The dog floatation jacket

We purchased the flotation jacket for Shantee from the same Australian distributor of Doggles, Modpet Australia, where we got Shantee’s sun glasses. The jacket costs AUS$39.95, but I insisted on paying an additional of AUS$19.95 for registered mail. We ordered Shantee’s flotation jacket during the Holiday season, which was a high time for corrupted customs officials at the Manila airport. The extra amount ensured that we didn’t pay ridiculously high tariff rates (with “Christmas bonus”) for the officials “interpreting” tariff laws on their own. I was able to purchase Shantee’s jacket easily through Modpet Australia’s online store via Paypal.

Marc and I are planning to go on a trip to the beach soon so Shantee can try out her flotation jacket. We’re considering taking her to a beach resort in Batangas since going there doesn’t require air travel. Shantee’s already mastered car travel, so we won’t have any more problems except for looking for a pet-friendly resort who will accommodate our entire family—which includes Shantee 🙂

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  • glenn

    so what beach did you go to? i am looking for one where i can take my lab along.


  • admin

    Hi Glenn. Not yet! But we’re planning to go to Laiya Coco Grove with Shantee. I called them already and they said their resort is pet-friendly, just make sure you clean up after your dog.

  • leeann

    Awesome dog! very nice jacket for dogs! Did anybody glance at this article about zootoo’s makeover? http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-04-12-zootoo-shelter-clash_N.htm

  • hi im helping my officemate for a shitsu like the puppy in the photo for her 3 year old daughter. by the way my name is michele. how much is the dog if you selling it? hope you can email me at soulxtwista@yahoo.com , mobile number 09062248186

  • Carly

    That jacket is so gorgeous and it looks really great on Shantee! You might want to take a look at these dogs and see what clothes best suits them: http://apps.facebook.com/save-a-dog/

  • That’s a nifty gadget for Lancaster and for other dogs who almost drowned during Typhoon Ondoy here in Manila. I hope to get one here soon. I hope they’ll have one somewhere…

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