Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo by Human Nature

I’ve always been partial to natural and organic products even before my husband Marc and I started growing our own herbs, fruits and vegetables. For me, this type of products seems much safer to use, and less damaging to the environment. It’s a good thing that a lot of them are already being sold at nearby grocery stores — shampoo, soap, etc. But that’s not the case with natural pet products — not many pet stores or supermarkets carry natural/organic brands. So you can just imagine my glee when I found out that Human Nature was releasing an all-natural shampoo for pets this summer. 🙂

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat by Human Nature

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat is the first-ever product in a collaboration between Bond Girl Rachel Grant and Human Nature. It comes in 500ml bottles, and is 96.4% Natural. I don’t know where the other 3.6% went, but being 96.4% natural is enough for me!

I’ve used the shampoo on all of our dogs — it’s crazily tiring to bathe four Shih Tzus and an aging Aspin all by yourself — and I can honestly say it worked for them. The dogs’ fur remained soft and smooth even after a week. The tangerine scent was lovely too! Although my dogs don’t smell tangerine-y after one week, they don’t stink with doggy B.O. yet; which they usually do after one week of no bath.

The only thing I’m not too happy about is that I needed to apply a tad bit more amount of shampoo to get it bubbly… Either my dogs were just so dirty I needed to put more, or the shampoo really is that way. Surprisingly though, I used only about one-fourth of the 500ml bottle on all five dogs. Four are of a small, double-coated breed, and the other a long-haired, medium-sized Aspin, so I guess it’s not so bad.

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat by Human Nature

A bottle of the Cocomutt Shampoo retails for Php349.75 with a special offer price of Php329.75 where you get to save Php20. It’s available nationwide through Human Nature branches, dealers and their online store. I’m not sure if it’s available in grocery stores and supermarkets already — I haven’t seen any so far.

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat by Human Nature

I can honestly say that the shampoo doesn’t come cheap. But if it means having a natural and safe shampoo for my beloved fur-buddies — it’s a premium I’m willing to pay for. Personally, I also prefer to purchase online and have the products delivered at my doorstep. I’m busy most of the time, so it’s really more convenient for me to get pet care products and my toiletries online.

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo, yay or nay? Definitely a “yay!” 🙂 Looks like I’ll be adding this in my list of stuff to buy online on a regular basis. Yay for natural products! 🙂

Posted on Wednesday, 27 March 2013 at 11:54 am
Filed: Bath and Spa, Dog Vanity

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