Going gaga for Beggin’ Strips

My dogs have tried a lot of treats… Mainly because I enjoy bringing home pasalubong for them, but sometimes they become unwitting (but very much willing!) taste testers for this blog. So far, of all the ones they’ve tried, Beggin’ Strips seem to be their favorite.

My dogs’ first experience with Beggin’ Strips was almost two years ago, sometime in January 2011. Since then, my pets’ reactions to Beggin’ Strips never changed. Shantee remembers she’s a dog, Kubrick turns into the most well-behaved dog that even Cesar Milan would be proud of! Patatats, our old and loyal Aspin, becomes as young as a pup. Popoy, also an Aspin, turns his hyperactivity to maximum level. Now that we have Pixel and Leica Lens joining our canine crew, we’ve got two more pooches turning like lunatics whenever they see that yellow package of Beggin’ Strips!

There’s no way I’m going to try the Beggin’ Strips myself, but I can’t say I’ve never been tempted 😛 No, I’m not crazy — I’m just very curious. I can’t help but wonder why my dogs are so crazy about it! It must be the bacon smell, the taste… I don’t know. But for sure, there is something about Beggin’ Strips that my pets enjoy so much.

Well, there is definitely something about Beggin’ Strips that we humans will like — Beggin’ Strips cost only about Php75 a pack. It’s affordable enough that my husband doesn’t mind if we included one in our cart whenever we buy groceries. A piece is quite big, so I usually break them into smaller pieces. Besides, my dogs are mostly toy dogs anyway.

You can get Beggin’ Strips at most pet shops and even grocery stores. They now come in three different varieties: Beggin’ Strips (Bacon), Beggin’ Strips (Bacon and Cheese), and Beggin’ Littles. Beggin’ Littles are made for pooches like Shantee — strips of smaller pieces — but my dogs haven’t tried it yet. I’d probably get them Beggin’ Littles one of these days though! 🙂

By the way… Did you know your dog can be one of the lucky few who might win packages of Beggin’ Strips for FREE? Yep, you can! Join Kubrick’s 11-11-11 Online Birthday Bash on Pinoy Dog-Lover and get a chance to win amazing doggie prizes! Hurry, deadline for joining is until December 2 only 🙂

Posted on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 at 12:54 am
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