Kubrick’s day of pampering at Pooch Park Doggie Day Care Metro East

Shantee the Dog Fashionista is still a nursing doggy mom (yay, her pups are now a month old!), so it’s her “boyfriend” Kubrick who’s taking up the role of “dog model” and “service tester” for the time being. He isn’t too happy about it (he’s not vain and hungry-for-humans’-attention like Shantee), but I think he eventually enjoyed it. Because this time, he got to try out Pooch Park’s full grooming services thanks to mypetchannel.tv!

That’s Kubrick in his summer cutie crew cut with the Pooch Park groomer. We were gone for five days on a trip to El Nido a few weeks back, and unfortunately, Kubrick wasn’t able to have his daily brushing as regularly as usual. And since he doesn’t really care about whatever he walks on, Kubrick’s fur on some parts of his body had become tangled and matted. I was given the option to just have the areas that are too matted to be shaved while the rest remained intact, but I imagined he’d look like an elongated earth globe with a head, feet and tails, so I just opted to let them go all out! Besides, it’s summer already and the heat makes Kubrick very uncomfortable. With his adorable new bob, he’s comfy… and he smells soooo good too! 😀

See that other Shih Tzu in the background? That little guy threw a fit when he saw us pick up Kubrick. According to the Pooch Park Metro East crew, the noisy one is a regular, and they were unfazed at the tantrum he’s throwing. Apparently, the noisy Shih Tzu throws a fit every time he sees another dog gets picked up. But once a staff member pays attention to him, he shuts up 😛 He’s just an attention-hungry pup like Shantee 😀

I always make it a point to chat up staff members of grooming salons I take my dogs to even when I’m not writing a review. Talking to them gives me a glimpse of how they treat their canine clients, and if they’re just in it for the love of money and not of dogs. After all, I’ll be leaving my pet under their care for a few hours. I needed to know if they’ll treat my pet right.

So far, I’m very satisfied with the crew of Pooch Park Metro East — they know their canine clients, and seem to have a genuine concern for them. Kubrick was literally shaking in fear when I handed him over to the lady behind the counter, but calmed down a bit when she cooed and comforted him. The interaction between staff and the dogs gave me assurance that my Kubrick was in good hands — he’d be safe until I pick him up after a few hours in the nearby gym.

Pooch Park Doggie Day Care in Robinsons Metro East is strategically located by the entrance of the mall’s fourth level. The mall does not allow dogs to wander about, but Pooch Park is so near the entrance that you can easily drop your dog off their store before doing your shopping. Pooch Park started as a doggie day care center with a purpose: give dog owners a place to stay in a no-pets-allowed establishment. They’ve now expanded to grooming services and selling dog stuff; your dogs get the pampering they deserve while you do your shopping.

What most attracted me to check out Pooch Park when it first opened in Metro East is their unique setup of doggy treats. It’s a like a buffet, a dog’s dream come true! 😀 It kind of reminds of the those candy stores usually located near movie theaters, where you get to pick the flavors you want and pile it up inside a bag. Pooch Park’s doggy treats corner is similar to that, though the treats are priced as per piece instead of by weight.

My dogs just adore the “burger” treat — looks like a tiny burger — they absolutely go gaga over the bag of treats I take home for them after a round of workout in the nearby gym. 😀

Pooch Park also has reasonably priced dog clothes. My sister already got Kubrick a dog shirt (Php 250 for a “macho” polo shirt) from them which he wears over his crew cut whenever we turn on the air conditioner in the office so he won’t get cold. They also have these creatively-labeled spoof shirts — my husband particularly like the one with the label “No Gay, connecting pretty” a spoof of “Nokia, connecting people,” it’ll look so funny on a macho-looking dog!!! 😀

Pooch Park Doggy Day Care Metro East has so much to offer to dog-lovers — it’s like a doggy wonderland! Check it out and give your dog the pampering he deserves 😀

Hey wait, there’s more!!! Would you like to be the winner of a gift certificate for an Executive Grooming Package from Pooch Park Doggie Day Care? If the answer is yes, head over to mypetchannel.tv and join Pooch Park’s Sleeping Bow-wowties Photo Contest!

Pooch Park Doggie Day Care
Website: http://poochpark.multiply.com/

J. Vargas Branch
181 Auto Depot Building
Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City
Phone: 910-50-36
Mobile: (0922) 966-33-20

Metro East Branch
Level 4 Robinsons Metro East
Marcos Highway, Pasig City
Phone: 647-70-25
Mobile: (0922) 302-45-66

Posted on Tuesday, 9 March 2010 at 4:25 am
Filed: Bath and Spa, Dog Salon and Spa, Dog Vanity

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