Pawparazzi at Bow & Wow’s Benefit Dinner for CARA

Check out our Pawparazzi coverage at the poshest doggie event we’ve ever attended: Bow & Wow’s Benefit Dinner for CARA Welfare Philippines! Read more

Are you ready for the Bow & Wow Benefit Dinner for CARA?

Well, are you? The Bow & Wow Benefit Dinner for CARA Welfare Philippines is just about 9 days away!

We’re pretty sure many pet parents attending the dinner with their dogs are more than eager to dress them up. After all, it’s a dinner, right? It’s like the Junior-Senior prom for doggies! But while you’re readying what Fido will wear, have you thought about what you should really be preparing for as a responsible pet parent? Read more

Purple and silver striped doggie shirt from Saizen

It’s been months since I’ve last gotten Shantee doggie wear. I didn’t want to dress her up in the middle of summer… The heat would be unbearable for this little Shih Tzu.

But of course, nothing could keep this Dog Fashionista from dressing up too long! She was so excited when I had her wear this purple and silver striped dog shirt I bought from Saizen at Robinsons Metro East. Read more

The search for Bow & Wow’s next pet model is on!

Does your pet have what it takes to be Bow & Wow’s next pet model?

Details after the jump 🙂 Read more

Spring time doggie dress

Summer is almost here! If we had four seasons in the Philippines, it’ll probably be around spring time now. Of course, Shantee the Dog Fashionista is into it too 🙂

I actually made this spring time doggie dress for Shantee a few years back. She wore it for a short television segment on GMA7’s Zooperstars with child actress Sabrina Man (not sure if the show is still running now though). But hey, it’s spring time! Since I haven’t posted this dress on Dog Fashionista anyway, I thought this would be the best time to bring it out once again… Read more

Stylish but practical pet identification tags from Will Wag for Tags

Having stray dogs hang out at our doorstep waiting to be adopted isn’t a new thing for us. Back in our home in Quezon City, we’ve adopted more than three dogs off the streets — strays who seemed like they were abused by their previous owners. So we were unfazed when, a couple of months ago, a cute and short German Shepherd mix stayed by our gate asking to be let in.

Unlike our home in Quezon City, where our house was situated outside the village and on a main road, our new subdivision is a gated community. Whoever owned the dog probably just lived within a block or two, so we really couldn’t take him in. Besides, he had a collar (he obviously had a family who cared enough about him to gift him with a collar), but no tag or any form of identification. Luckily, we chanced upon his owners roaming the streets looking for him.

We fortunately haven’t lost any of our dogs yet. Not even the turtle. We always make sure that the gate remains closed for fear they might wander about, but the thought that somebody in the household might forget gives me the compulsion to check on my pets ever so often. They didn’t have any form of identification — if they’re lost, they’re lost. They’re too cute and friendly, and I won’t be surprised that whoever finds them might not want to look for us. Luckily, Shantee, Kubrick and Pixel were given a chance to try out Will Wag for Tags‘ custom pet name and info tags for this blog. 🙂 Read more

Yummy and healthy treats for dogs by Whole Pet Kitchen

While staying at a coffee shop, have you ever wondered what it would be like if you can have your dog there with you sharing your biscotti as you sip your cafe latte? Well, there are places in the metro that already allows you to dine with your dog. But they don’t have a biscotti or muffin that will be safe for your pooch to eat.

Muffins, biscuits, biscotti, and other pastries that we humans eat usually contain ingredients dangerous — or even deadly — for our dogs. Wouldn’t it be nice if they can enjoy these yummy treats like we do? Believe it or not, they can now. Whole Pet Kitchen Pet Deli & Bark-ery makes this all possible! Read more

Kubrick’s “yo, homie!” hoodie by Doodles Paw Couture

Kubrick isn’t as vain and attention-hog as Shantee the Dog Fashionista, but he’s very obedient — he’ll wear anything you put on him. He’d even stay put till you say so. Giving him a photo shoot is so easy, though he doesn’t have the natural affinity for “dog poses” like Shantee does. Nonetheless, he’s still adorable 🙂

For his birthday, he got the chance to try out doggie wear from our friends at Doodles Paw Couture (thanks much, DPC!). I was a bit skeptical to dress him up at first… He is, after all, a boy dog. But, as usual, DPC came through. They have perfectly “macho” outfits for our little boy! Read more

Going gaga for Beggin’ Strips

My dogs have tried a lot of treats… Mainly because I enjoy bringing home pasalubong for them, but sometimes they become unwitting (but very much willing!) taste testers for this blog. So far, of all the ones they’ve tried, Beggin’ Strips seem to be their favorite.

My dogs’ first experience with Beggin’ Strips was almost two years ago, sometime in January 2011. Since then, my pets’ reactions to Beggin’ Strips never changed. Shantee remembers she’s a dog, Kubrick turns into the most well-behaved dog that even Cesar Milan would be proud of! Patatats, our old and loyal Aspin, becomes as young as a pup. Popoy, also an Aspin, turns his hyperactivity to maximum level. Now that we have Pixel and Leica Lens joining our canine crew, we’ve got two more pooches turning like lunatics whenever they see that yellow package of Beggin’ Strips! Read more

Shantee’s Dog Fashionista princess gown

Ever since I put up this blog in June 2007, I’ve been getting email messages asking me for price lists. Apparently, a lot think that I’m selling dog clothes 😛 I’m not, and I just like dressing up my pooch. And yep, I do make most of my dogs’ clothes, but nothing really extravagant.

I’ve always wanted to make a really nice gown for Shantee, but I honestly don’t have enough patience for the details. The most detailed dress I’ve probably ever done for Shantee was her dog wedding gown, but after that, the most I made for her are dresses that don’t really have much details. I don’t really know much about sewing techniques. After all, I’m just doing this for fun.

Luckily, our generous friends from Doodles Paw Couture (DPC) made Shantee’s “dream” of having a real doggie gown a reality!

I’m no fashion designer, but this gown fits The Dog Fashionista’s personality perfectly, wouldn’t you say? 😀 Read more

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