Smart Rewards for a “smart” dog

Every time Marc and I go to SM Megamall in Ortigas, we always made sure to pass by Bio Research at the lower ground floor (near the skating rink). Marc liked looking at the fishes, while I try my best to sneakily buy something for my doggies left at home.

Smart Rewards

On this trip, I managed to smuggle some doggy treats for my furry friends: a bag of Pro Pac Smart Rewards Strips! Read more

Great grooming at Georgette’s Closet

The past few days have been quite tiring (we’ve been moving!), so I thought of giving Shantee a treat: a full grooming session at Georgette’s Closet along Katipunan Avenue in White Plains, Quezon City. Besides, Shantee was starting to stink and become full of dust anyway (she’d been accompanying Marc and me transfer stuff to our new home, which is still under renovation). I’d give her a bath myself, but I’ve already packed and transferred Shantee’s stuff to the new house already.

Shantee groomed by Georgette’s Closet

That’s Shantee after a full grooming session at Georgette’s Closet. Ain’t she pretty? 🙂 Read more

Beach dog fashion!

I was sorting my digital photo archive and wondering what photo I can use of Shantee’s to post on this blog, when I suddenly remembered the dog fashionista Marc and I saw at Boracay Island when we went there with Pinoy travel and photo bloggers last month (that’s also when I bought Shantee’s favorite dog shell necklace).

Beach dog at Boracay Island

This little fashion pooch belonged to one of the Boracay locals we saw hanging out with their pets at the beach. I couldn’t remember her name, nor do I know her breed, but this little girl sure knows what it’s like to live in high fashion at the beach! Read more

Shantee’s Alpo 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

A beautiful double coat is a Shih Tzu’s pride and glory. It’s one of the things that set them apart from other breeds, and also one of the determining factors during dog shows. The challenge is basically how to maintain it.

Shantee is blessed to be born from Best in Show parents 🙂

Shih Tzu with beautiful coat

But the thing is, no matter how beautiful her coat, it’s still prone to getting all frizzy (I’ve already seen Shih Tzus that look more like poodles than their actual breed because their coat weren’t well-maintained). It’s a real challenge keeping it as it is. But a Shih Tzu’s double coat is quite similar to a human being that it might not be as hard as you think… It just requires patience. Read more

Dog wedding gown

Last Thursday, Shantee “got married” to Peter, our old hamster, for the Sunday television episode of Rated K on ABS-CBN. Shantee and Peter’s unique friendship was one of their main stories, and my pets took part in the pet blessing ceremony they had for their Valentines’ Day special.

Dog wedding gown

Of course, I made Shantee a gown. I couldn’t let her “walk down the aisle” an under-dressed bride! Read more

Shopping and dining with pets at Eastwood City

Last Friday, Marc and I had our “weekend date” a bit earlier (we usually have it on a Saturday). It’s normally just the two of us. But this time, we brought Shantee along to Eastwood City Walk in Libis, Quezon City for dinner, dessert, and window shopping.

Eastwood City Walk at night

Eastwood City is probably the first pet-friendly shopping and dining places in Manila—it came even before Tiendesitas and Serendra. In daytime, you’d see a lot of dog owners walking and showing off their pets (this is actually where I saw that spoiled Pomeranian in a dog stroller being pushed by his own nanny). We weren’t planning to bring Shantee along (it was our date night after all), but we just couldn’t resist her cute begging. Read along and follow Shantee’s adventure in Eastwood City! Read more

Plaid dog collar with a small bell

A few days ago, Marc and I decided we needed a break from work (yup, work is the one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging as regularly as before) and spent the afternoon with Shantee at Tiendesitas. Shantee behaved well (although she did get a bit iffy going down the steps), so she bought her a prize: her first-ever dog collar! 🙂

Brown and red plaid dog collar with bell

Shantee still wears her dog necklaces (the customized shell dog necklace I bought her from Boracay is her favorite), but since she’s becoming such a big (little) girl already (she’s five months old now!), it’s time she got her own dog collar. I dunno, I guess I just feel it’s an insult to her “dog-ness” to not ever get her a collar. Read more

Dog shell necklace from Boracay Island

Although Shantee wasn’t able to join me and Marc on our Boracay trip last weekend with Pinoy travel bloggers (which was sponsored by Microtel Inns & Suites Boracay, in partnership with South East Asian Airlines and Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant), we made sure to bring her a present so she wouldn’t feel so bad:

Shantee with her Puka shell necklace

We bought the shell dog necklace Shantee is wearing on the photo above from one of the vendors in Puka Beach. It was actually a bracelet, but the vendor willingly adjusted its length so it fitted Shantee while Marc and I jumped waves in the Puka Beach surf. Read more

The Golden Pillow

Shantee must have eaten too much on New Year’s Eve—the next day she accidentally threw up on her dog pillow. But the thing is, I haven’t really created a “back-up” pillow case for her in case of accidents. She had always made it a point not to soil her pillow (I guess she didn’t want to sleep on a stinky pillow), but I guess she wasn’t able to control her New Year’s Day accident 😛 Shantee can’t sleep well without a pillow, so I made her a new one… A golden pillow!

Gold dog pillow

This is probably the easiest dog stuff I ever made for Shantee 🙂 Read more

Polka-dot New Year dog dress with sash

First off… Happy New Year to all! 🙂

Shantee partied with the humans in welcoming 2008. So yep, I just had to make her a Polka-dot New Year dog dress! 😀

New Year dog dress

I got the black and white polka-dots cloth from my mom’s stock. And luckily, I also found a red chiffon cloth I was able to use as a sash/belt for Shantee. Why polka-dots? Well, it’s because of this Filipino-Chinese tradition, you see. Read more

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