“Ghost of Christmas Past” Yuletide dog dress

When my dad told me that we’ll be going to two family parties on Christmas Eve and another one on Christmas Day, and that Marc and I could bring Shantee along in these family reunions, we figured that she should be dressed up for the occasion.

Christmas dog dress

I made Shantee a red velvet dress with gold trimmings, which strongly reminded me of the Ghost of Christmas Past from the movie, “A Christmas Carol,” whenever she wears it. But my husband Marc calls it “Shantee’s Harry Potter Dress.” Read more

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

A day before my talk on problogging at the Ateneo for a group of students, Marc and I decided to buy Shantee her first ever harness and leash. She’d be coming with me at my talk (the adorable dog would be part of my talk), so we thought it’s best she was on a leash since it would make it easier to take care of her.

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

We chose a brown plaid style harness for Shantee—the brown just looks great on her white and mahogany coat—which cost around Php245 (approximately US$5.83) from Tin’s Pet Place in White Plains, Quezon City. The nylon leash cost about Php75 (approximately US$1.79) from the same shop. I don’t have their exact address, but I do know the store’s right beside the White Plains Gate 2 along Katipunan Avenue. Their sign’s pretty big, so it’s kind of hard to miss 🙂 Read more

Summer fruity dog scent

Shantee begins to smell bad after romping around the house. It’s not so bad as the usual dog smell—there’s still that bit of “puppy smell” on her. But still. So we got her this sweet smelling dog cologne:

Summer fruity dog scent cologne

What we bought was the yellow one on the picture. It’s actually a local brand: Top Dog. I’d like to get the light blue one on the left-most corner (the tallest bottle), but it’s just too expensive. Crazy Dog cologne doesn’t seem to be a local brand, but it smells really good—like cherry candy. Read more

Cutesy girly dress for a cutesy girly dog

When the family brought Shantee shopping in Tiendesitas two weeks ago, I was feeling a bit disheartened that I won’t be able to buy Shantee as many dog clothes as I wanted—each piece was just expensive. The Disco Dog shirt I got didn’t really come cheap, you know.

But look here, Shantee has a new purple girly dog dress!

cute purple dog dress

Would you believe I made that? Really, I did. I honestly couldn’t believe I could come up with a dog dress like that myself. But yes, this dog dress was made by hand and with love! (Unfortunately, my mom’s sewing machine needed to undergo major repairs) 😛 Read more

Swarovski dog necklace

About time I blogged this. Shantee’s going to be outgrowing her Swarovski dog necklace, but I kept forgetting to post an entry about it till now. Anyhoo, take a look of the necklace I’m talking about:

Swarovski dog necklace with heart pendant or charm

Shantee’s actually wearing this on her picture on this post, it’s just not noticeable from that angle. And yep, the dog necklace is made of Swarovski crystals—a dog necklace which used to be my bracelet 😛 Read more

Pet-friendly shopping at Serendra

Yesterday morning, Shantee once again fulfilled her role as a Dog Fashionista—frolicking with them saucy people at Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Dog in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

Serendra isn’t like Tiendesitas, where there are lots of pet-related stores. It’s mostly composed of expensive restaurants and equally expensive boutiques. But there’s this park right smack in the middle of it—the boutiques and restaurants surround the park—which is just perfect for hanging out with your well-behaved pet. Shantee isn’t exactly what you’d call “well-behaved,” but she’s so small that it really wouldn’t matter 😛 Well, she did try to make friends with Serendra’s bomb-sniffer black Labrador—but she was totally ignored. I guess the disciplined bomb-sniffer thought she was a waste of time 😀 Read more

Dog bath at a doggy salon

Shantee had been starting to stink lately—her bath was long overdue. Marc and I just couldn’t agree on who will give her a bath. Luckily, Shantee was already due to have her shots so we didn’t really have a choice but to give her one.

The staff of Posh Pets Grooming Salon (I think it’s the partner grooming salon of P&B Horseshoe Pet Clinic) along Katipunan Avenue were the ones who gave Shantee her long-overdue bath. They were nice enough to let me in their grooming area to take photos, so I was pretty much able to chronicle every step of Shantee’s bath. Take a look! Read more

Shantee’s “Disco Dog” shirt

Yeah yeah! Shantee feels so 90’s with this cute new shirt:

Disco Dog shirt

I just love the aqua blue color 🙂

Anyway, we got this shirt at Animals & Things in Tiendesitas’ Pet Village for Php450 (that’s about US$11). There were actually much cheaper dog clothes there, but I just liked the color so much. Besides, Shantee’s adorable in it, isn’t she? 😉

If you want to contact the shop, here’s their info:
Phone Number: 0915-9447744 / 6373069 / 6552344

Shopping at Tiendesitas

In order for me to agree to him buying a DLSR, Marc agreed to let me buy Shantee some fancy clothes. So after bribing my mom a free dinner for the family at Tiendesitas, we were off!

Pet Village at Tiendesitas

Tiendesitas is located at Ortigas Avenue, corner E-Rodriguez Avenue (C5). It’s a great place to go to with the entire family—you can shop, dine, and simply relax. It’s actually famous for its Pinoy arts and crafts, but for us dog-lovers, it’s a haven for pet stuff.

There were actually some rumors going around about a year ago that The Pet Village had a dog virus going around. Unless it never was true, the management seemed to have done something about it already since we didn’t see any sick dogs around. The pets for sale seem to be healthy, they could be healthier (as in, Shantee-healthy! Hehe) but they seem ok.

As I said, The Pet Village in Tiendesitas is a haven for pet-lovers. There are a lot of shops with cute dog clothes and things, and some even offer grooming and boarding! Pretty cool eh?

I bought Shantee a dog shirt, which you ought to watch out for in my next post! It’s just so cute 🙂

Meet Dog Fashionista’s newest “model”

Meet Shantee, the newest dog model for Dog Fashionista! She’ll be taking over where her late predecessor, Sheero, left off.

Shantee the Fashion Dog

That’s Shantee with red ribbons and her crystal bling, after her first-ever puppy grooming at Georgette’s Closet. Being a pup, her grooming cost Php350 (around US$8).

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Glamour? Fashion? Spas? Who said that dogs can't have them too? Definitely not us! :) Read more

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