Plaid dog collar with a small bell

A few days ago, Marc and I decided we needed a break from work (yup, work is the one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging as regularly as before) and spent the afternoon with Shantee at Tiendesitas. Shantee behaved well (although she did get a bit iffy going down the steps), so she bought her a prize: her first-ever dog collar! 🙂

Brown and red plaid dog collar with bell

Shantee still wears her dog necklaces (the customized shell dog necklace I bought her from Boracay is her favorite), but since she’s becoming such a big (little) girl already (she’s five months old now!), it’s time she got her own dog collar. I dunno, I guess I just feel it’s an insult to her “dog-ness” to not ever get her a collar.

The thing that attracted me the most about this collar is the fact that it matches Shantee’s plaid dog harness almost exactly. It even has a bell that jingles every time she took a step. I saw this collar on display at the Snik Paws shop in the Pet Village of Tiendesitas, and bought it for Php100 (that’s around $2 I think).

Shantee the big girl dog!
Would you look at that? Baby girl is now a big girl! Definitely deserves a collar 🙂

Marc calls this collar, “the 100-Peso annoyance.” Shantee doesn’t only chew on his toes now, but also gives off a bell sound every time she jumps on Marc 😀

Snik Paws
Stall 27-28A Pet Village, Tiendesitas
Ortigas Avenue corner C5
Pasig City, Philippines
Phone: 4963251
Mobile: 0927 6946294, 0917 8812142

Posted on Friday, 1 February 2008 at 10:39 am
Filed: Dog Collars, K9 Thingamajigs, Pooch Fashion

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