Plaid style harness and nylon leash

A day before my talk on problogging at the Ateneo for a group of students, Marc and I decided to buy Shantee her first ever harness and leash. She’d be coming with me at my talk (the adorable dog would be part of my talk), so we thought it’s best she was on a leash since it would make it easier to take care of her.

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

We chose a brown plaid style harness for Shantee—the brown just looks great on her white and mahogany coat—which cost around Php245 (approximately US$5.83) from Tin’s Pet Place in White Plains, Quezon City. The nylon leash cost about Php75 (approximately US$1.79) from the same shop. I don’t have their exact address, but I do know the store’s right beside the White Plains Gate 2 along Katipunan Avenue. Their sign’s pretty big, so it’s kind of hard to miss 🙂

I originally wanted to get the fuchsia harness and leash set with little faux diamond studs, but Marc vehemently refused to buy it. He said he’d also be walking Shantee with the leash, the pink and diamonds would make him look gay. Which was true. Hehe. So we settled on the brown plaid one instead.

But the thing is, Shantee didn’t seem like being on a leash.

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

Ah, no. She didn’t just not like it, she hated it 😛

Plaid style harness and nylon leash

Well, she made that pretty obvious. “Stubborn” isn’t enough to describe it. Sorry Shantee darling, but you gotta learn to follow Mom and Dad 😀 She’s still young, so there’s still hope!

Posted on Friday, 21 December 2007 at 7:05 am
Filed: Dog Leash, K9 Thingamajigs

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