Purple and silver striped doggie shirt from Saizen

It’s been months since I’ve last gotten Shantee doggie wear. I didn’t want to dress her up in the middle of summer… The heat would be unbearable for this little Shih Tzu.

But of course, nothing could keep this Dog Fashionista from dressing up too long! She was so excited when I had her wear this purple and silver striped dog shirt I bought from Saizen at Robinsons Metro East.

Like most stuff at Saizen, this cute dog shirt is only Php85. And it comes with a cute little hanger too 🙂 Pretty cheap, eh? And Shantee really, really loved it. I’m not exaggerating. My husband Marc and I had a hard time taking it off her. She tried to bite us whenever we tried to remove the shirt, and kept growling until we left her alone. We were only able to remove it when she herself approached us for assistance to take her shirt off… And that was probably only because it was starting to get hot 😛

I love the 85-peso price at Saizen. If only they had more selections of dog clothes! Unfortunately, they don’t have much. Their shelves usually just contain around five designs of dog clothes. And sometimes there aren’t enough stock for “bigger” sizes that will fit a Shih Tzu. Most of their sizes there are really small — just enough for a chihuahua, or a cat. I guess we just got lucky with this doggie shirt.

Maybe one of these days we’ll get lucky again! 🙂

Posted on Thursday, 14 June 2012 at 2:18 pm
Filed: Dog Shirts and Hoodies, Pooch Fashion

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