Shantee’s Dog Fashionista princess gown

Ever since I put up this blog in June 2007, I’ve been getting email messages asking me for price lists. Apparently, a lot think that I’m selling dog clothes 😛 I’m not, and I just like dressing up my pooch. And yep, I do make most of my dogs’ clothes, but nothing really extravagant.

I’ve always wanted to make a really nice gown for Shantee, but I honestly don’t have enough patience for the details. The most detailed dress I’ve probably ever done for Shantee was her dog wedding gown, but after that, the most I made for her are dresses that don’t really have much details. I don’t really know much about sewing techniques. After all, I’m just doing this for fun.

Luckily, our generous friends from Doodles Paw Couture (DPC) made Shantee’s “dream” of having a real doggie gown a reality!

I’m no fashion designer, but this gown fits The Dog Fashionista’s personality perfectly, wouldn’t you say? 😀

I didn’t really know what to expect after DPC asked for Shantee’s measurements. All I knew that they would deliver an awesome gown, but I definitely didn’t expect they’d be able to make something that would really fit Shantee! 🙂 Not just in terms of measurements, but also of how it would fit her personality. Shantee loves the spotlight (isn’t it obvious hehe), and could be a real princess brat sometimes. It’s such a pleasant surprise that they were able to capture all that and transform it to a gown!

The gown DPC made for Shantee had a fuchsia satin top embroidered with sequins and satin flowers, lined with silver lace. The layered pink tulle skirt lined with silver lace completed the look — a girly princess gown for a girly princess pooch 🙂

The gown doesn’t only fit Shantee’s personality, but it also exemplifies The Dog Fashionista website real well. So yeah, this gown is going to be Shantee’s “official” Dog Fashionista dress, something she’ll wear in events we’ll attend as representatives of this blog! Next time you see a Shih Tzu in a pink tutu gown in a pet event, you’ll know you’re looking at Shantee 😀

Shantee’s custom dress is just one of the many gorgeous gowns DPC has made. They’ve done quite a number of awe-inspiring designs I never even thought possible. But best of all, their rates are very reasonable. I’m still practical when it comes to pampering my dogs — making things for them as much as I can — but sometimes there are things that I’m not able to make, or don’t have the resources to. Doodles Paw Couture is the best option for you if you’re like me — dog owners looking for affordable ways to pamper their pets 🙂

If you want to see more of Shantee’s photo shoot, click here to visit her photo album. Nope, I’m also not a photographer by profession, and we also did not have her photo shoot done in a studio. My sister and I just borrowed my dad’s background (our dad is a photographer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer), took out my handy DSLR, and set up a “mini studio” by the garage using boxes and natural light. Dad wasn’t really that happy when we returned it to him with little paw prints, but definitely beats spending a lot for a studio photo shoot 😀

Doodles Paw Couture
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Oh, by the way… Did you know you can be one of the two winners of Php400 worth of gift certificates, or one lucky winner of Php200 gift certificate PLUS a customized pet outfit designed specially for your pooch worth Php2,500 by Doodles Paw Couture? Check out Kubrick’s 11-11-11 Online Birthday Bash and see what else is in store for you! 🙂

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