Shantee’s Julia Cocktail Dress

It’s been weeks since the Bow & Wow Benefit Dinner for CARA, but I still can’t get over how pretty Shantee’s dress was!

She was actually supposed to wear her signature Dog Fashionista princess gown, but Shantee’s bulging tummy didn’t quite agree 😛 The little doggie model unfortunately gained a lot of weight… The velcro in the tummy part just wouldn’t close! I was about to resort to drastic measures (such as making emergency adjustments to the tummy area just so it would fit), but luckily, Doodles Paw Couture came through! 🙂

This pretty, one-of-a-kind dress was made from soft tulle lace with sequin details. The layered skirt was of a light-weight material, making it easy for Shantee to move around and well, eat… A lot 😛 I just loved the sequin details! It gave the dress class and a touch of pizazz without being tacky.

We arrived late for the Bow & Wow event, so I didn’t really think we’d have an opportunity for the Shantee to hog the spotlight. Although Shantee probably liked to have done the Fashion Walk of Love (we were really late, so no surprise there), the little critter still had her moments of fame. Her gorgeous dress attracted attention regardless, kids and adults alike kept fawning over her! And yes, Shantee sucked up all the attention and even got her photo and video taken. After stuffing her face with the doggie buffet dishes in a manner that didn’t quite match her classy dress, Shantee spent the rest of the evening hanging out with me or my husband by the entrance getting compliments in the likes of “mom, look at the cute doggy in the pretty dress!”

With such a pretty dress like this, we just couldn’t resist having a photo shoot 😀 I haven’t finished processing the rest of the photos yet, but you can watch out for it on Shantee’s Facebook Page. We’ll post the best shots of her shoot there! 🙂

If you’re looking for a doggie fashion fix, Doodles Paw Couture definitely is the way to go. Their prices are very reasonable, so reasonable that you wouldn’t think such high quality and original dog dress could only cost that much. They have equally pretty dog dresses and gowns posted in their Facebook page — some even costing as low as Php 200! Doodles Paw Couture also has formal wear for metrosexual male dogs 😀

Posted on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 at 8:26 pm
Filed: Dog Dresses, Dog Formal Wear, Pooch Fashion

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