Shopping and dining with pets at Eastwood City

Last Friday, Marc and I had our “weekend date” a bit earlier (we usually have it on a Saturday). It’s normally just the two of us. But this time, we brought Shantee along to Eastwood City Walk in Libis, Quezon City for dinner, dessert, and window shopping.

Eastwood City Walk at night

Eastwood City is probably the first pet-friendly shopping and dining places in Manila—it came even before Tiendesitas and Serendra. In daytime, you’d see a lot of dog owners walking and showing off their pets (this is actually where I saw that spoiled Pomeranian in a dog stroller being pushed by his own nanny). We weren’t planning to bring Shantee along (it was our date night after all), but we just couldn’t resist her cute begging. Read along and follow Shantee’s adventure in Eastwood City!

I was having a craving for Italian food, so Marc and I had dinner at Il Pirata Italian Restaurant.

Shantee waiting for food at Il Pirata Italian Restaurant
Shantee hoping for a pizza slice

Marc and I are very particular with what we feed Shantee—there are just some food, like yeast, that’s bad for her coat. She didn’t seem hungry anyway. She was enjoying going to a new place so much that she didn’t even beg for food or a kibble.

The restaurants at Eastwood City have tables and chairs situated in an open area, which is probably the main reason why anybody can dine anywhere with their pets along. Il Pirata has this elevated open area shaped like a pirate’s ship that overlooks the podium where concerts are usually held. Shantee was so surprised when the band had their encore!

Big-eyed Shantee

Every week, there’s usually a band or singer performing at the podium. Last Friday, it was Richard Poon.

Richard Poon concert

After dinner, Marc and I had our customary dessert at Xocolat Cafe. Chocolate is bad for dogs, so Shantee could only look on while we had a delicious slice of Original Sin Brownie and a cup of the cafe’s famous Taza de Xocolat, hot chocolate that’s so rich and creamy you’d think you’re drinking chocolate syrup!

Shantee hoping for chocolate at Xocolat

I didn’t feel like spending that night, so we just walked around and window-shopped. Shantee saw some kids over at Nike‘s (she loves kids), and ran right into the glass door. Hehe. She had no idea the glass door was there!

Window shopping at Eastwood City

It took us some time to get away from Shantee’s admirers. The kids just loved her. But before we went home, Shantee had to have a photo with Eastwood’s statue man:

Shantee with the statue man

The mime was kind enough to carry Shantee for a photo op. You got to admire these mimes, they could stand there for hours and pretend like statues. Some people think they are real, and scream like crazies whenever they suddenly move. Shantee was a bit scared of the mime—I think the mime’s makeup freaked her out. Hehe.

This Eastwood trip wasn’t Shantee’s first. We brought her along a few months ago to get some coffee, but she was still too young a pup to enjoy it. This time, it’s pretty obvious she had the time of her life. Shantee’s definitely coming along again the next time we go there! 🙂

Eastwood City
E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue (C5), Bagumbayan
Libis, Quezon City
1110 Philippines

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