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Having stray dogs hang out at our doorstep waiting to be adopted isn’t a new thing for us. Back in our home in Quezon City, we’ve adopted more than three dogs off the streets — strays who seemed like they were abused by their previous owners. So we were unfazed when, a couple of months ago, a cute and short German Shepherd mix stayed by our gate asking to be let in.

Unlike our home in Quezon City, where our house was situated outside the village and on a main road, our new subdivision is a gated community. Whoever owned the dog probably just lived within a block or two, so we really couldn’t take him in. Besides, he had a collar (he obviously had a family who cared enough about him to gift him with a collar), but no tag or any form of identification. Luckily, we chanced upon his owners roaming the streets looking for him.

We fortunately haven’t lost any of our dogs yet. Not even the turtle. We always make sure that the gate remains closed for fear they might wander about, but the thought that somebody in the household might forget gives me the compulsion to check on my pets ever so often. They didn’t have any form of identification — if they’re lost, they’re lost. They’re too cute and friendly, and I won’t be surprised that whoever finds them might not want to look for us. Luckily, Shantee, Kubrick and Pixel were given a chance to try out Will Wag for Tags‘ custom pet name and info tags for this blog. 🙂

The pet tags are about the size of a one-Peso coin, but it could already contain your pet’s name, your contact number and address. That’s enough to make it easy for people to find you in case you lose your pet. Although pet microchips offer a more permanent solution (the microchip is embedded directly into your pet’s skin), this technology requires a scanner to read the information in the chip. Some vets have this technology, some don’t. The thing is, you still need to bring the lost pet to somebody who does have the scanner to know how to contact the owner from the microchip. That’s quite a hassle, especially if you don’t have a vet with the technology near you — also considering the fact that the pet you found might not even have a microchip in the first place.

With a pet tag, you basically just need to know how to read 🙂 The owner’s info is displayed on plain sight, you can easily read it and try to contact him/her. And best of all, it’s cheaper. Will Wag for Tags’ Pet Info Tags, which can contain pet’s name, owner’s contact info and address, costs only Php450. You can also add a charm accessory of your choice (this depends on availability in stock though).

If you only want to put your pet’s name and have the tag solely for decorative, dog fashionista purposes, it’s cheaper. A Pet Name Tag costs Php250, while a Limited Edition Pet Name Tag is Php350.

For the pet tags of Shantee, Kubrick, and Pixel, I made sure that our phone number is engraved aside from their names. I only have a prepaid cellphone SIM, so a landline phone number was the more practical choice to put. I wasn’t really that picky about how decorative the tags were (they were already pretty nice by themselves in my opinion), so I just left the decorating to Kristine of Will Wag for Tags. I simply gave her an overview of my dogs personalities: Kubrick, the athletic “alpha dog commander” of our pack; Shantee, the camera-loving diva of Dog Fashionista; and Pixel, Shantee and Kubrick’s loyal but a bit shy and timid daughter. Looking at these tags, I’d say she’d done a pretty good job! Clean engravings, with designs that fit my dogs’ personality perfectly 🙂

If you want to get a pet tag for your pooch (or cat, or turtle, or whatever animal you have who will allow you to put a collar on him), visit Will Wag for Tags website for more details and photos of their tag designs.

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