The Eukanuba (with Prebiotics) experiment

One of the possible things that could happen to a mommy dog during and after pregnancy is the lack of nutrients. When Shantee was pregnant earlier this year, I already noticed that we had to increase her food intake as her usual wasn’t enough anymore. Some of her fur started falling off too (though this might be partly due to a cheaper dog food brand we had to buy when the shop we usually buy dog food from ran out of Shantee and Kubrick’s usual brand). By the time she was breast-feeding her pups, she had ugly bald spots 🙁 I had to have her fur cut real short to make it grow evenly once again. This wasn’t so bad as it was the middle of the summer, but as you know, my little Dog Fashionista is very particular about how she looked. It was hard to make her pose for pictures and she didn’t look forward to daily walks like she used to because of her very short fur 🙁

A shaved Shantee with Eukanuba bags, two months ago

I was honestly a bit skeptical when we were asked for our dogs to try Eukanuba for two months. We’ve already had a bad experience trying out other brands of dog food, and I wasn’t sure if Shantee was allergic to the formula that Eukanuba uses. Anyway, since we have a lot of other dogs who aren’t allergic to specific dog food brands, we decided to give it a try. If all else fails with Shantee and Kubrick, at least our other dogs can try it out.

We did the usual “dog food transition,” where we slowly added Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Small Breed Formula (with Prebiotics) to my pets’ meals. Shantee just loved it, and even picked out the Eukanuba bits and left the other dog food brand kibbles on her dog bowl. Kubrick, on the other hand, wasn’t as “accepting.” The first time he was able to have an all-Eukanuba dinner, he barfed it out the next day. We thought the Eukanuba formula wasn’t for him, but as it turned out, he apparently didn’t chew the kibbles well. Shantee already finished her meal and was waiting right beside Kubrick’s bowl for his left-overs — Kubrick was so anxious to finish his meal so Shantee wouldn’t get a piece. 😛 For their succeeding meals, we made sure Kubrick wouldn’t feel threatened if Shantee finished her food early. From then on we didn’t encounter any more problems.

Shantee used to be so difficult to feed. I guess she was getting tired of her usual brand. We used to buy the same brand for the past two years with only the different formulations as variety. Kubrick will eat just about anything that fits (or doesn’t fit) his mouth. Except for that one-time barfing, he ate his daily Eukanuba meal with gusto 😀 Shantee is the picky eater, but surprisingly, she loves Eukanuba.

Since Kubrick was already healthy even before the Eukanuba experiment, he remained healthy after the 2-month trial period. But on Shantee, the changes were very noticeable. She gained weight: she went from 3kg to 4.2kg in two months following the recommended Eukanuba formula intake. Her fur grew back, and seemed softer than it was before. Her fur usually takes on a coarser texture when she hasn’t had a bath in about a week, but for some reason, it wasn’t as coarse as it usually becomes. After lacking nutrients in post-pregnancy, Shantee’s back to her usual healthy, bubbly self 🙂

For the purpose of this experiment, we discontinued giving her Nutri-Plus Gel for the past two months. It was a risk, but thank goodness Eukanuba went through. The dog food gave her back the nutrients she needed, even without vitamin supplements.

A happy, healthier Shantee!

One of the things we liked about our pets’ old brand was that it made the smell of my dogs’ poop almost odorless and easy to clean up. Apparently, the Eukanuba formula doesn’t only provide the dogs the needed nutrients, but also makes their poop’s smell tolerable and clean-up wouldn’t be difficult.

Aside from the obvious improvement in my pets’ health and eating habits, Eukanuba is also affordable. It’s not dirt-cheap like those you can buy at a hardware store, but it’s definitely cheaper than their usual dog food, which is probably the most expensive brand for small breeds in the market today. A 1.5kg pack of Shantee and Kubrick’s usual dog food costs the same (if not more) as a 3kg pack of Eukanuba Small Breed Formula with Prebiotics. That’s like getting twice the amount of dog food — to think that the servings needed for daily intake are based on their weight. Meaning, Shantee and Kubrick don’t necessarily require a whole cup of kibble per meal because of their weight and size.

The verdict?

Well, Shantee became healthier, Kubrick remains healthy. Their fur improved. Both Shih Tzus apparently love its taste. Poop’s smell is almost orderless. Best of all, it’s affordable. Offhand, I’d say this experiment was a success.

And yep, we’ve decided to switch the dogs to Eukanuba. We just bought a pack from their vet a week ago to last them another month. Even Pixel, the last of Shantee’s pups, is on Eukanuba’s Puppy Formula now 🙂

To learn more about the product, please visit the official Eukanuba website. If your dogs are like mine (small breed), you might want to check out Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Small Breed Formula, which we had for the experiment and is currently our choice for our little fur-babies daily food intake 🙂

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