Woof Pet Premium: All-natural dog shampoo

It was only a few weeks ago when Shantee (and her one-year-old “boyfriend” Kubrick) ran out of dog shampoo. We usually use the commercial Alpo dog shampoo on our dogs since it’s readily available in grocery stores, but for the life of me I just kept forgetting to buy some. Luckily, my dogs were given the opportunity to this out:

Woof Pet Premium

Woof Pet Premium Condition VCO Dog Shampoo is an all-natural dog shampoo, consisting of virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, aloe vera extract, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

I’m not too familiar with the scientific explanations of the effects of these ingredients (for that, visit this link), but offhand I can tell you that it did wonders for my dogs’ fur. Although Shantee is the fashionista of the our doggy pack, she’s also the most unfortunate to have fur that has a tendency to become seemingly dry. Her fur looks and feels great after a bath, but a week later, expect it to have a dry texture. And no, my little fashionista doesn’t like getting her paws dirty. Her coat is just that way. 🙁

I have to admit that I really wasn’t expecting much when Woof Pet Premium was delivered to me for review. So far, all the dog shampoos we’ve tried turned out the same way: Shantee’s fur is soft and silky a few days after a bath, but a week later it loses its stuffed toy-like softness. Although Woof Pet Premium smells good, the scent isn’t overwhelmingly strong that you really wouldn’t expect it could mask the “stinky dog” smell. But still, I gave it a shot and tried the shampoo on our two Shih Tzus and five native dogs — then waited for about a week to see how it will turn out.

Harry, our happy-go-lucky Japanese Spitz and aspin (asong pinoy) mix

I got results I didn’t quite expect. Shantee’s fur remained soft and silky even after more than a week. Same with our other dogs. Their coats are still as soft as cotton — my husband even says their fur are so “fluffy” they look like sheep! 😛 They don’t have the “doggy cologne” scent, but they all seem to have this naturally good doggy smell. Experiment: success! 😀

Kubrick But that’s not all. Kubrick, our other Shih Tzu, isn’t exactly who you’d consider a “doggy fashionista.” In fact, he’s the total opposite of Shantee — he loves to get his paws dirty! 😀 He likes romping in the garden, rolling in grass, and splashing in water.

But worse is Kubrick’s tendency not to mind where he’s walking. Give him a bath now, he’ll smell good. But give the bath scent around three days and he’ll be smelling like pee, as he really doesn’t care if he walks all over it. It’s part of his charm, and we love him the way he is, but it does complicate grooming and doggy hygiene since we’re really iffy giving him more baths than usual.

I worry about using commercial shampoo on him too often, as the chemicals could ruin his fur or even cause him allergies and skin diseases. Kubrick is such a sweet dog, and he can’t consider a day complete unless he gets at least one hug from each of us. Whenever he starts to smell like pee, it’s really difficult to give him the cuddling he wants (he gives us that heart-breaking sweet look, you just can’t bring yourself to turn him away). But the thing is, we also don’t want him to get skin irritation from the chemicals in dog shampoo.

The best thing I love about Woof Pet Premium are its natural properties. Since it’s formulated using organic ingredients, I can now give Kubrick more baths than usual. I won’t give him baths too often though, I still worry that doing so could possibly dry up his fur’s natural oils. But at least he (and of course, us people he loves to beg for hugs) wouldn’t have to endure smelling like pee for long periods of time waiting for his scheduled bath 😀

Woof Pet Premium Condition VCO Dog Shampoo is now available in selected pet shops, grooming, and specialty stores within the metro. Its proprietor, Benji Ong, pretty much found the formula — so yes, this is proudly a Pinoy-made product. It’s packaged with a spiffy, cute design on the label carrying the tagline, “Made by people who love their pets.” Well, I so agree with that… As only people with genuine concern for their pets can come up with a product that would be good for their pet’s skin and fur. 🙂

Want one? Get one now! 😀

For interested buyers and distributors, here’s the contact info:

Woof Pet Premium
Blackbox Trading
123 Don Manuel Aggregado, Q.C. 1113.
Tel. No: (02) 361-2865

Posted on Sunday, 24 January 2010 at 12:16 pm
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