Yummy and healthy treats for dogs by Whole Pet Kitchen

While staying at a coffee shop, have you ever wondered what it would be like if you can have your dog there with you sharing your biscotti as you sip your cafe latte? Well, there are places in the metro that already allows you to dine with your dog. But they don’t have a biscotti or muffin that will be safe for your pooch to eat.

Muffins, biscuits, biscotti, and other pastries that we humans eat usually contain ingredients dangerous — or even deadly — for our dogs. Wouldn’t it be nice if they can enjoy these yummy treats like we do? Believe it or not, they can now. Whole Pet Kitchen Pet Deli & Bark-ery makes this all possible!

Shantee and the Canine Crew got the chance to try these gourmet treats for Dog Fashionista. Whole Pet Kitchen gave us a sampler of their menu, different varieties of yummy dog treats. I made everyone in the Crew try each variety, and just like humans, each of them had their own favorites 🙂 But no doubt, the entire Canine Crew went crazy over the Beefy Biscotti and muffins (Banana-Oat Pupcakes and Liver Muffins).

I’ve been hoping the Beefy Biscotti will last till Christmas so the dogs can have something special that day, but Shantee had a different idea:

The little critter just wouldn’t stop asking for a piece! Shelf life of the muffins is only three days, but ours didn’t even last two. The dogs already devoured the muffins before reaching recommended shelf life! 😛

Pixel finished hers ahead of Shantee, who ate really slowwwwww. I don’t know, but she usually eats slower than the slowest moving turtle whenever she enjoys the food. Probably so it would last longer? Or maybe she wanted to show the other dogs she still had more when they already finished theirs — just like what she did to Pixel in the photo below. Naughty, naughty!

I have no doubt my dogs enjoyed Whole Pet Kitchen’s treats. But what I liked about it more is the fact that the treats are very healthy for the dogs. Giannina Gonzalez, the chef behind Whole Pet Kitchen, makes sure that all the ingredients are safe and of high quality. Handmade and even tasted by humans, Giannina had her vet friends test the “healthiness” of the treats even before adding them to her menu to ensure that the treats are totally safe for pooches. And yep, even I tried it. First time for me to ever say that in this blog: I tried the dog treat! 😛 It wasn’t so bad, kind of like those healthy, sugar-less biscuits I’ve tasted before. I didn’t try the Liver Muffin though… I left the tasting of that to the dogs! 😀

The idea of a “liver” muffin might not be so appealing to us, but it’s the best-seller to my pooches. Actually, I think they really love the beefy stuff. And I have a feeling most dogs will like it too. They can be given as treats, as rewards for training, or even as “dog party food” if you’re into that. Whole Pet Kitchen even offers round cakes just for your dogs on order basis. You get to choose from a Banana-Oat Pupcake or Liver Pupcake base, topped with a choice of Sweet Potato – Cream Cheese, Sweet Potato – Peanut Butter, or Sweet Potato – Mango Frosting. You can also choose the color of the icing for your dog’s cake message: Carob (brown), Turmeric (yellow) and Cream Cheese (beige).

Check out Whole Pet Kitchen’s website for the full menu and product prices. If you want something special for your pooch this Christmas and New Year, then Whole Pet Kitchen is your best and healthy option 🙂

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